A Socio-Cultural Organisation

CHATURTHI - 2/10/2019 (Wednesday)
SPORTS DAY - for all purbachal members 
For winner list click here
PANCHAMI - 3/10/2019 (Thursday)
ANANDA UTSAV - An arrangement made for members to show their bengali cullinary skills and for audience to experience lip smaking delicacies of Bengali Cuisine
SOSHTHI - 4/10/2019 (Friday)
INAUGURAL SPEECH by Mr. Manish Sisodia (Deputy CM & Education Minister of Delhi) - Mr. Sisodia & his team was very courteous to spare time and visit our pujo. He along with his team graced the occasion with kind words and appreciation to boost our confidence and moral in keeping the bengali culture alive in our generation. Click here to watch video.
AGOMONI - also known as Songs of Advent is a collection of bengali folklore songs depicting the story of welcoming Maa Durga, visitng her ancestral home with her kids.  The sole objective is to celebrate the spirit of welcoming the mother - Maa Durga for her 10 day stay in ancestral home.
(Performed by Purbachal members). Click here to watch video.
HOBENA TOR BISHORJON - by Anindita Mukherjee with Purbachal kids & ladies
The programme was amalgamation of live singing and dance performance depicting the wish of not letting Maa Durga leave us and get her immersed - Bisarjan (form of good bye till the next time). Click here to watch video.
SAPTAMI - 5/10/2019 (Saturday)
SKILL ARCADE - competition for school students. For results click here
COUPLE GOALS - competition for couples. For results click here
BANGLAR PONCHO KOBI Song compilation - by Purbachal young group
In our bengali culture, "Poncho Kobi"  refers to a group of five major Bengali literrary figures who were poets / music composers of same era, significant in the development of Bengali music and literature.  These five are: Rabindranath Tagore, Dwijendralal Roy, Rajanikanta Sen, Atul Prasad Sen and Kazi Nazrul Islam. Programme was about selective songs of these lyricist-cum-poets.
GYANER GUTO NATOK - by Chitra Chatterejee & Purbachal Kids
Its a small skit inspired from the original Gyan Theke Agyan by Buddhadeb Bosu. Its a comic take on the inquisitive nature of kids and how the adults get inpatient and irriated by that. In the process forgetting their own childhood about the same. Click here to watch the video. 
KOBI DER KRISHNO dance programme - by Arindam Dasgupta
This dance composition was directed to show the harmony with which poets of differenet religious background coexist beautifully. Artisist are free from all social barriers. Every poets takes isnpiration in Krishna for their art and nothing can stop them to write about thier  devotion to Krishna. Click here to watch the video.
ASHTAMI - 6/10/2019 (Sunday)
COLLEGE-GIRI - competition for college students. For results click here
ANTAKSHARI - competition for ladies. For results click here
AALOR DESH dance compliation - by Nakshatra Group
MIXED SONG COMILATION - by Brinda Roy Choudhary
KOLOHO KIRTON NATOK - by Gouri Seungupta & Purbachal ladies
Click Part 1 & Click Part 2 to watch video
NAVAMI - 7/10/2019 (Monday)
ABRITI PRATIYOGITA - for all Purbachal members. For Winner list click here
NAARI JAYATE DANCE - by Shinjan Group
MURKIR HARI - by Gouri Sengupta & Purbachal Members 
Click here to watch video.
MIXED SONGS -  by Soumitra Bandhopadhyay
DASHAMI - 8/10/2019 (Tuesday)
FANCY DRESS COMPETITION for school students. for winner list click here